martedì 8 luglio 2014

Thank you Prof Reid

Last September we met Professor Ian Reid in Brescia.  He is the Professor of Mental Health at Aberdeen University and Chair of the Royal College of Psychiatry Special Committee on ECT.
We knew of his outstanding competence and his  high level  scientific achievements but we could also appreciate his uncommon generosity and open-heartedness together with great simplicity and human sympathy.
On December  17th he sent his prestigious endorsement for the ECT Service of the Montichiari Hospital to the President of Regione Lombardia.
Knowing him and his support gave us encouragement. We  applied with success to the SEAN accreditation in May. For us this result means the fulfillment of a dream we have been working on for about ten years.
The road ahead is still a long and an impervious one,  but we did not forget Ian Reid’s bravery and determination that we believe will back up us with the needed strength  to go forward pursuing our mission.

Giuseppe Fàzzari           Fabio Lucchi               Oliviero Benzoni

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